Devil’s Nose

We tried out the Devil’s Nose Track in Para Wirra Conservation Park. Although it’s not that far we easily spent a couple of hours enjoying the views and wildlife. We saw a koala, a kangaroo and some emus, as well as various birds and lizards. The track is pretty easy, but there is some gravelContinue reading “Devil’s Nose”

Warren Reservoir Reserve – Summer

Our last walk for 2020 was at Warren. It was a public holiday so the car park was full, but everyone was fishing or kayaking or both. We didn’t see many other people while walking. For this visit we tried one of the fire trails through the middle of the reserve, which was about 3.5k.

Honeyeater Link Trail – Sandy Creek

We took a walk in Sandy Creek Conservation Park from the Cockatoo Valley entrance, which takes you past an old cottage along the Honeyeater Trail to the park. Whenever we walk here we always see something interesting. This afternoon we saw a Rainbow Bee eater, Rufous Whistlers, and a Red-capped Robin. And a grasshopper thatContinue reading “Honeyeater Link Trail – Sandy Creek”

Dead Man’s Pass – recent rains

In Outer Barossa we are blessed with many great bike/walking paths right in town. One of the best is the rather gloomily named Dead Man’s Pass. (Why so named? There’s an account for it here). Despite the name, this is a beautiful place for a walk. Even though the new link road and bridge acrossContinue reading “Dead Man’s Pass – recent rains”

Little Kaiserstuhl Walk

Saturday we headed to the Barossa backblocks to try a section of the Little Kaiserstuhl walk. There was a lot of snakey looking grass, but old vehicle trails made it easy to walk while keeping a lookout for any wildlife. In the end, apart from some interesting bird sightings, it was just us and theContinue reading “Little Kaiserstuhl Walk”

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